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Urethane based impregnating oil. Specifically formulated for outdoor wood protection, EXTEROL 050 can be used for treating rough wood or restoring previously treated lumber.

The product is available in a neutral version and in different colored transparent variants, a complete range of oil-based products for the impregnation, coloring, finishing and protection of wood outside, which meets the demands of more demanding in terms of aesthetics, efficiency and duration of treatments.

Carver is a family owned company with a long tradition of quality since 1957. Today, Carver has a quality environmental management system with ISO 14001 certifications that make it a leader in its field. Carver’s natural oils are safe for the environment, comply with the Kyoto protocol and exceed all Canadian environmental standards. All products in the Greenline series are made from all-natural vegetable oil extracts including safflower oil, wood oil and linseed oil. These oils have been formulated to resist the most common stains encountered in a home: wine, tomato sauce, grape juice, etc. They have undergone rigorous testing according to international standards.

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